Used Glass drilling machines

Single or double-sided glass drilling machines are used for drilling glass sheets with diamond drills

Glass drilling machines can be classified by their structural arrangement as horizontal and vertical drilling machines based on the position of processed glass sheets.

In the category of horizontal glass drilling machines, there are machines with one or two drilling heads. Single-head machines can be simple, manually operated, easy-to-carry hand-held, on site operated, fixed on glass sheet with vacuum pads type glass drilling machines, or floor standing machines that are non-portable and have a top drilling head. Two-head machines are non-portable, fixed workshop machines that ensure perfect holes with double-sided glass drilling.

In the case of vertical drilling machines the one-sided head version is pretty rare, and almost all of these machines are double-sided. These machines are more space-efficient than the horizontal versions, and there is no need to tilt glass sheets into horizontal position thanks to their vertical arrangement. They can be manual machines or NC, CNC controlled and the latest models can perform glass milling.

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