New glass bevelling machines

Glass beveling machines are professional machines used for machining and polishing large-size bevels on glass edges

Not only glass jewelry but also flat glass can shine as a gemstone. Antique or modern surfaces can be nicely ornamented with finely performed decorative grinding (so-called beveling), when the perimeter of glass or mirror sheet is chamfered at a specific angle.

Beveling machines may be suitable for processing straight or curved glass edges. The straight line beveling machines can only grind and polish straight glass edges, leaving a fine-fitting, sharp edge at the corners. Machines fitted with 5 to 13 wheels are usually capable of grinding as well as polishing in a single operation. Machines suitable for processing curved glass edges are the so-called glass shape beveling machines. They are capable of beveling the curved sides and corners of the glass, but after each grinding operation the discs must be replaced manually.

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