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Secondary sealing of heat-insulated glass structures can be performed with hotmelt edge sealing machines and two-component sealing machines

There are two main types of sealing machines for insulating glass production. These are hot edge sealing machines, commonly known as hotmelt machines, and two-component sealing machines.

In the case of certain glass structures where the heat load after installation is negligible, use of hotmelt edge sealing machines are allowed and popular. These machines are easy to use, filled fast with one-component butyl material, easy to handle, and easy to move due to their small size. Most are available with 22 and 45 liters sealing product container.

Two-component glass sealing machines are larger, more robust in design and more complex with regard to their mechanism. They can be either hydraulic or pneumatic in operation. Sealing and hardener components are mixed in a 10: 1 ratio, which mixture hardens hours later. These machines mostly use polysulfide and polyurethane materials. Their use is recommended in all cases, where insulated glass is exposed to high heat after installation.

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